“You need to write for real.”


“No, I don’t, I need to drink six more cups of coffee and survive the day,” I thought. But I said,”Yes,” instead.

It was a promise to a friend, but I didn’t know what to write.

“A blog,” he said.

“Okay, make me a one,” I said. I knew people had them, but never thought about how they were made.

“You don’t need me for that, you can do it yourself,” he said.

Except I couldn’t, because I really didn’t know how blogs got there. I just read a few which took really long to load because my internet was so slow.

That’s all in the past.

Today, I’m writing for real.


I won’t save the universe, be famous, reach enlightenment, or get entirely off the grid.


I’ll write about the things I see along the way.


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