Tried to sleep in yesterday. I can’t, so I got up to write, as usual.

This view… I could stand at that window forever, for the rest of my life, and not a single detail would get old.

The magic of NYC to me is this: in a city of 9M people, I at once feel like a part of something bigger–a molecule that must be there–yet also completely alone, as if I could disappear forever, and no one would notice a thing.

Anyway, I was writing, and this happened. I caught that exact second where the sun taps me on the shoulder and says, “Hey, I’m back! You made it around one more time.” I usually miss it because my heart’s not in that space.

I’m grateful for the reminder of the simple beauty that sits in my path every single day–all the amazing things–if I remember to see them properly.

Sometimes I get too busy pushing stones up hills. I never look up. So, Mother Nature asked a little louder.

This was really beautiful. Thought I’d share.

(excerpt from an email to a friend…)

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