Worried about graduation, student loans, and hunting down careers in this bad economy?  Don’t be!

There are tons of amazing careers out there–even if you’re terrible at your job.

Not everyone has to get things right to make top dollar.  There are tons of careers for people who get things wrong all the time.  Weatherpeople, economists, and politicians for example.

That’s not all…

If you’re a bad photographer, you won’t get hired at National Geographic, but you’ll get an amazing job with benefits taking license photos at the DMV or mug shots in law enforcement.

If you’re not funny, your standup career will be short, but you’ll have a long career at customs, TSA, or the IRS.

If you’re an awful writer, don’t try to write a best seller.  Instead, make a lot of money writing questions for standardized tests, or cheesy greeting cards.

Are you a software designer who couldn’t decorate a place setting let alone create an app that’s clear and useful? You can still make a ton of money designing teacher evaluation platforms even Bill Gates couldn’t navigate.

In today’s 21th Century world, the possibilities are endless. Think outside the box!  Don’t worry about being the best—everyone’s trying to do that. Be the worst.  You won’t have to fight the crowd, and there is a niche job just for you. Chances are, it’s a good one.  You’ll have less competition–and fewer student loans.

I used to tell everyone to be the best of the best–no one wants a mechanic who got a D fixing their car or a doctor who gets things right 80% of the time doing their surgery.  But things are changing, and there’s room at both extremes.

Graduates–be great.  Or not.  Either way, have fun.  Make your life amazing, then throw it up on YouTube, monetize the channel, and come back and buy me a cup of coffee with all the cash you earn.

“I knew (s)he was/they were going to be amazing,” I’ll say.  And since you’re paying, I’ll make my coffee a large.


[Photo credit:  John Walker, “Graduation Caps“]

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