pirates“I want to be a pirate!” The demands came early this year because the commercials, did, too. I like to plan ahead, but Halloween should not be out right after the Fourth of July decorations leave the shelves at Memorial Day.

“That’s fine. You can be a pirate.” We’ve been talking about pirates for months.  I’m surprised that Declan wants to be a pirate. I thought he’d like to like to be some kind of dinosaur I can’t spell. I was afraid I’d need George Lucas’ costume designer on retainer. Declan gets really mad when I mess up a dinosaur. I don’t know very much about them.

“It has three claws! Look at the frill! And it does not walk like that!” Usually I Google whatever it sounds like he’s saying until he stops being mad. That’s how I know I pronounce dinosaurs correctly.  I hide the phone so the boy doesn’t realize I’m cheating. Like any good student.

Pirates are easier costumes. I know a lot about historical pirates. Rhode Island was a hotbed of them, and I’m a history person.

It’s the day after Halloween, so the fun is done–we’re safe. No one can change their costumes at the last-minute. I live in fear that on Halloween day the boy will say “I don’t want to be that anymore!” It’s happened once. He was afraid of his gorilla costume. It could happen at any time.

But, he got out there yesterday, with his big sister. Off they went into the darkness, a zombie and a pirate raiding the world for brains and candy.

Thankfully, nobody changed their mind or tangled with any ghosts. They took a wrong turn in the dark which gave them even more candy. That’s pirate treasure. And today, there were two lone boxes left by the mailman at the door–the “I’m a day after Halloween” pirate hat ordered three weeks ago, and the “You Forgot You Ordered Me” asparagus that never came last fall. I planted the vegetables anyway. I sent the hat back.

Vegetables, pirate candy, and no changed costumes. I’ll call that a win.

And now, we can get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, both far too early on the shelves.