Customer Satisfaction Survey: Rate Your Standardized Test Proctor Here

Please answer the following questions about your standardized test proctor

In order to give you the best experience possible throughout your two weeks of standardized testing, we ask that you take a moment to rate your proctor below.  This will help us find the best quality proctors and enhance your overall testing experience.


Please rate your proctor on a scale of 1-10.  You can also choose A, B, C, All of the Above, None of the Above, True or False, Somewhat True, or WTF, Who Cares?  If more than one answer applies, choose the best answer possible.  Do not skip questions, as they will hurt your overall score.  

  1.  I felt adequately supervised throughout the entire test.  At no time did I feel able to, or the urge to cheat.
  2. I felt properly supervised, but never smothered, hovered over, or overwhelmed.
  3. My proctor gave me the room I needed to think, while not allowing me to drift into subconsciousness.
  4. My proctor noticed when I fell asleep and woke me gently with an encouraging smile. (S)he did not startle me when waking me up.
  5. My proctor did not deviate from the script even when I asked a dumb question with no answer in the booklet.
  6. My proctor gave the correct amount of time for the administration of the test, even though it was enough time to meditate my way to enlightenment.
  7. My proctor took my phone, caring for it lovingly throughout the entire exam so it wouldn’t be lonely when the notifiers went unnoticed.
  8. My proctor remembered my name even though (s)he is not my teacher.
  9. My proctor advised me to do my best, telling me the many uses for the data collected by this test even though I said, “This test isn’t for graduation, what’s the point?”
  10. My proctor treated me with respect 100% of the time, whether I knew the answers on the test or not.
  11. Whether I finished the test in two minutes or right at the buzzer, my proctor never once gave me a look that said, “What are you, stupid?”
  12. My proctor resembles the type of parent that makes me want to do my best and doesn’t ground me unnecessarily or embarrass me in front of my friends.
  13. My proctor provided the type of environment that made me want to do my best, not just on the test, but in life.
  14. My proctor seemed to enjoy the sight of human suffering. (S)he really enjoyed proctoring this test.
  15. My proctor gave me candy at the end of the test only, keeping the test site secure of crumbs, calories, and wrappers that may have had answers coded into the nutritional information.
  16. My proctor asked “Is it an emergency,” and “Are you sure?” before (s)he let go to the bathroom, making sure I didn’t bring any microfilms or papers with test answers out of the testing area.
  17. My proctor seemed like the type of person who could get a perfect score on his/her SATs, GMATs, and GREs.
  18. My proctor probably fell asleep on his/her SATs, GMATs, and GREs.
  19. I recommend this proctor highly to anyone seeking to take a standardized test.
  20. This proctor created a mood and environment that no doubt raised my score while never giving one single hint or answer.
  21. This proctor makes me want to take this test again instead of going back to normal class.


Thank you for your consideration and time in rating your standardized test proctor.  Your feedback will help future test environments to be positive, safe, and secure.  We hope you enjoyed your testing experience and look forward to serving you in the very near future on one of the many other standardized tests we’ve developed to ensure your success in life.



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