Nobody ever says “TGIM.” Thank God It’s Monday. I wonder why?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was excited to wrap up their weekend and go into a job they loved? Perhaps a job they built with a team who complimented them so they looked better than a photo shoot with professional makeup and stylists?

They’d make each other coffee and say, “How was your weekend?”

Someone’d respond, “Pretty good.” Then they’d say, “But thank God it’s Monday!” Everyone would nod and agree. Someone would pass around freshly baked muffins and work would start–but not before one more round of jokes, smiles, and compliments.

“Hey, you did a great job on that thing!”

“You really knocked it out of the park!”

“Couldn’t’ve done it without you!”

And when Friday came, everyone would be just a little bit disappointed…waiting for the next Monday to come.

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